Model #7408


AccuMASTER Digital Fraction Caliper

The AccuMASTER Digital Fraction Caliper is a precision measuring tool that measures from 0-6". It is accurate to 1/1000". The caliper is made of hardened stainless steel and features a jumbo, easy-to-read display. Works in fractions to 64ths, decimal inches and millimeters and is IP54 Certified (Splashing water, oil and dust-resistant). With the AccuMASTER caliper you can take four kinds of precise measurements:

  • External, e.g., thickness of lumber or external diameter
  • Internal, e.g., dadoes and mortises or internal diameter
  • Step, e.g., the distance between two steps of a workpiece
  • Depth, e.g., the depth of a hole

Great for Woodworkers, Metalworkers, Machinists, Engineers, Builders