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Calculators & Estimating
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Model # 4325

Save time, eliminate costly errors, reduce material and labor costs on all construction work. The built-in functions quickly find solutions for area, volume, weight, slopes, swell, and size reduction, cuttings / embankments and more! Convert between all formats of working dimensions, including metric.

The most effective equipment, labor planning and estimation tool you can possess!

  • Work and in conversion between Yard, Feet-Inch-Fraction and metric formats!

  • Automatic calculation of surfaces and volumes!

  • Ups and right angles Square; Percentage of grade and slope; Creates racks, ramps, trenches, much more!

  • Weight per volume (LBS, tonnes, kg)!

  • Find Percent (%) Swell and Size Reduction!

  • Simplify cuttings / embankments Budget

For: engineers, designers, excavators, road and heavy construction professionals