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Calculators & Estimating
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Model #8300

  • Stores & Uses Volume Unit Conversion
    Enter and convert between teaspoons, tablespoons, fluid ounces, cups, pints, quarts and gallons as well as milliliters, centiliters and liters - a dash and a pinch too!


  • Weight Unit Converstions
    Enter and convert between dry ounces and pounds, grams and kilograms.


  • Recipie Scale
    Adjust the quantity of ingredients for the more or less servings


  • Adjust Portion Sizes
    Determine precise recipe increases increases or decreases for portion control


  • Timer
    Built-in timer displays hours, minutes and seconds; features a beeper alarm with a distinct sound alerting you when timing is complete. This unique count down/up timer can be used simultaneously while using the calculator.


  • Termperature Conversions
    With one keystroke convert Cintigrade (C) to Fahrenheit (F). No more guess-work. Get exact temperature the recipe calls for.