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The ProjectCalc Plus MX Metric calculator will help you design, apply, install and finish your improvements with precision and confidence. It was designed specifically for builders in countries that use Metric measurements.

Built-in functions quickly and accurately estimate material requirements for paint, wallpaper, tiles (including custom sizes), flooring, bricks (face or pavers), blocks, 8x4 sheets (plus 8x2, 6x2, 4x2), slabs, bulk bags, BTUs, flooring and custom tile. Store user-defined materials and sizes in the memory.

Prevent estimating errors on material requirements saving time, money and frustration. Get exactly what you need for virtually any project. ProjectCalc Plus MX is one of the most desirable additions to any tool collection.

  • Quickly and accurately estimate material requirements for paint, wallpaper, floor tiles, studs, 8x4 sheets, blocks, bricks and bulk bags.

  • Work in centimetres and metres – including square and cubic formats. Convert between all standard building math dimensions.

  • User may define and store material values such as grout, fence post spacing, custom tile, broad width, bags of concrete, paint coverage and many more.

  • Easily calculate material costs and allowances using cost (*) and (%) functions.

  • Works as a standard math calculator with +/-, Memory and Auto Shut-Off.

  • Includes two Long-Life (LR43) Batteries, easy-to-follow User's Guide and Full One Year Warranty.

Limited Warranty.