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Model #6026


  • 72 Built-in Scales Gives You More Versatility.
    With 39 Imperial (feet-inch) and 33 Metric, there's a scale for almost any plan.
  • Six User-Set Custom Scales.
    Perfect for scaling faxed or out of scale plans. Calibrates to any plan and then stores that scale for future use. 
  • Count Other Items with Built-in Counter. Lets you count other items (i.e., studs, piers, outlets, etc.). These also can be accumulated in Memory.
  • Exclusive! Two Built-in Memories.
    Quickly solve for Area and Volume. Or accumulate and store two different measurements (for materials estimations).
  • More Dimensional Units for Maximum Versatility.
    Select your favorite measurement units: Decimal Feet, Feet-Inches, Decimal Inches, Yards, Millimeters, Meters - including Square and Cubic formats of each.
  • Lock switch.
    Locks in the mode and scale so you cannot inadvertantly change them while rolling.
  • Subtract Mode key.
    Subtracts distance rolled while pressed.
  • Rolls-in Distances in Either Direction.
    Accepts dimensions as fast as you can accurately roll them in either direction and with either hand.
  • Large, Easy-to-Read Custom LCD.
    Clearly displays current scale, units, counts and more, thereby avoiding costly errors.