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Model #9530

  • Instantly totals Day Hours
    for multiple In/Out timecard entries using simple-to-use "In" and "Out" keys 
  • Figures Total Hours and Total Pay
    with the touch of a button 
  • AM/PM or 24-hour Time Formats
  • Built-in hourly rate function!
  • Includes built-in Stopwatch/Timer
    with Count Down/Count Up, Split function and optional "Buzzer"
  • Built-in Preferences Key
    for establishing various calculator settings -- rounding, breaks, 12-hour versus 24-hour time-recorders
  • Paperless Tape function
    for storage and review of up to 10 data entries -- even works with the built-in Timer!
  • 10 Storage Memories
  • Works as a Standard Math Calculator
    with +/-,%